All editorial services include a no-strings-attached sample edit before you pay a dime. I’m happy to look at your project ,and if we both feel we’re a great match, I’ll provide a sample free of charge to show you how I work.

Here is a breakdown of the services I offer:

  • Complimentary sample edit (restrictions may apply)
    • A complimentary, brief sample edit, allowing you to preview my work before you commit to booking any services. This also lets me provide the most accurate quote possible gives me an idea of the scope and workload of the project and allows me to provide you the most accurate quote possible.
  • Proofreading
    • A true proofread is provided at the final stage of production, after your work has been through multiple rounds of professional editing. I’ll make surface-level edits for the following: misspellings, incorrect punctuation, repeated words, spacing errors, line break and alignment errors, formatting issues, typos, and more.
  • Copyediting
    • I specialize in copyediting for non-fiction manuscripts or academic dissertations. Levels of copyediting vary depending on what stage your project’s in. At this stage, I’ll edit at the sentence level, looking at clarity, word choice, sentence construction, etc. This may also include light citation and fact checking. The desired or necessary depth of copyediting will influence the rate you’ll pay.
  • Page proofing
    • If you’ve already received a round of edits (from me or from another editor), I’ll make sure the corrections made it into your document or manuscript. I’ll compare previous versions to the current one, while simultaneously looking for new or repeated errors.
  • Copywriting/editing for various types of print and web content, including webpages, email blasts, flyers, newsletters, and more

If your project doesn’t quite fit in one of the above categories, no worries! Use my Contact page to let me know the specific details and scope of your project.